This first winner of our Free Medical Marijuana Card contest was actually entered by his daughter! Read the winning entry below:

A Daughter's Lover: Bloom Dispensary’s First Free Medical Marijuana Card Winner - A daughter wrote in about her dad's chronic pain

I am writing this in hopes that you will award my dad with a medical marijuana card. His card has expired and due to our current financial situations he is unable to renew. He suffers from chronic pain due to tumors that are on his feet that are inoperable. He works on his feet all day as a maintenance man. In the past having his card allowed him to alleviate his chronic pain and continue to work.

He deserves this card because he is only person working in our household and takes care of my disabled mom, and me and my daughter the best he can. He struggles to make ends meet and with the medical marijuana he was able to alleviate his chronic pain due to tumors on his feet that cause the pain.

The quality of all our lives will change because he will have the pain relief he needs and can continue to provide for us and get the pain relief he deserves.

Chronic pain affects the whole family.  We are so glad we could help out in this way and we welcome you to the Bloom Dispensary family!

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