Tastebuds Kettle Corn for WebThere are many options available to medical marijuana patients today, and marijuana infused products, or edibles, are quickly becoming one of the most popular. Edibles offer patients another option in how to take their medication. Edibles are not only great tasting; they are also a great way for patients to introduce high levels of certain cannabinoids to the system without smoking. Edibles allow patients to treat their illnesses with more efficiency than ever before. Patients choose edibles for reasons as varied as the extensive variety of edible product options on the market today.  Just a few of the different edible varieties include: desserts, snack foods, drinks, candies, chewing gum, cooking oil, spices and tinctures (alcohol and glycerin based extractions).

Recommended Conditions for Edible Use

Most edibles, with the exception of alcohol tinctures, go through some kind of heating process. During this heating process many of the non-bioavailable cannabinoids such as THC-A, are converted to THC. The cooking process and the high level of THC found in edibles, work together to create the perfect treatment for many disorders including: autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, muscle inflammation and spasms, nervous system disorders, insomnia and nausea.

Crohn’s disease patients, those patients with an autoimmune disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, find medicating by this method extremely beneficial. Edibles distribute the active and inactive cannabinoids at the root of the problem, in the GI tract, instead of having to depend on the bloodstream to carry them all the way from the lungs.

Reasons Patients Choose Edibles

Edibles allow patients to ingest their medicine, rather than inhale it, avoiding the carbon-rich smoke. Edibles are often seen as a healthier alternative and because of this, some patients choose edibles as their preferred method of medicating. Many patients like edibles simply because they are a more discreet way to medicate with minimal odor. Some patients choose edibles because they prefer the longer duration and sedating effect achieved utilizing this delivery method.

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Classifying Edibles

All edibles can be broken up into 3 different categories: oral uptake (those absorbed through saliva), intestinal uptake (digested through the stomach) and hybrid (those that utilize both saliva and the stomach for absorption).

Oral Uptake

Edibles designed towards oral uptake can affect a patient almost immediately and tend to wear off within 2-3 hours. Designed to be held in your mouth for extended periods of time, oral uptake edibles include things like lollipops, hard candies, lozenges, chewing gum and tincture drops.

Intestinal Uptake

Intestinal uptake edibles take longer to activate within the body, sometimes as long as three hours and provide long lasting relief- even up to eight hours. Intestinal uptake edibles are the most common edibles and include any edible in which the cannabinoids are absorbed through the stomach, like brownies, macaroons, caramel corn, crackers, etc.

Hybrid Uptake

Hybrid uptake edibles, such as drinks or chocolate, utilize a combination of oral and intestinal absorption methods because they are absorbed in both the mouth and the stomach. These edibles offer patients a quicker onset, usually within 30 minutes, and last four hours or more.

Differences Between Inhaling and Consuming Cannabis

Inhaling Cannabis

Inhaling cannabis smoke is a quick and effective way to introduce cannabinoids into the bloodstream and associated cannabinoids receptors in the brain. The psychoactive effects are usually noticeable within one to three minutes and generally last for two to three hours. Some cannabis patients prefer smoking because the effects are noticed so quickly.  This rapid onset also makes dosing easier to gauge because patients know almost immediately how the medication has affected them.

Consuming Cannabis

Consuming cannabis has a much slower onset due to the processes an edible must through within the body, prior to the cannabinoids reaching the brain. Body chemistry, tolerance, the contents of the stomach, in addition to the type and potency of the medication used within the edible, can all play a role in determining the response each individual patient will have, the onset of the medication’s effect, as well as the duration of effect. Having so many different factors at play makes each patients’ experience with any particular edible vary greatly. Patients often report feeling medication more in their body versus their head, when consuming cannabis versus inhaling it.  This is one of the reasons edibles are so beneficial to patients suffering from any conditions that cause body pain.


Properly Dosing Edibles

It is much easier to over-consume and therefore over medicate, when ingesting medication, than it is when inhaling or vaporizing. Because it can take longer to feel the effect and/or because the edibles taste so good, Bloom Dispensaries always recommends patients start with the smallest amount and wait at least 3 hours before ingesting more. When purchasing any edible, collect as much dosing and other information as possible from the patient consultant to assure proper dosing.

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To Keep In Mind

All edible manufacturers produce their edibles differently. An important factor to consider when purchasing edibles is what kind of medicine went into the product.  A brownie containing 6 grams of poor quality shake is not necessarily going to be stronger than one that has 3 grams of top shelf medication. Some companies use edibles as a way to dispose of marijuana that otherwise couldn’t be sold. It is very important to buy your edibles from a trusted source.

Labels can vary greatly from how they list their product strength, to what is in their ingredients. Even companies who test their edibles for total cannabinoid content and list the number in milligrams (mg) can be misleading because that number completely disregards the individual bioactive compounds of the plant (THC-a, THC-V, CBD, CBN, CBG, etc.).

There is currently no regulatory system in place to assure every manufacturer is producing quality products, so patients should always exercise caution when purchasing their medication and always buy from a trusted, well-respected manufacturer. Patients with severe allergies should use caution when selecting edibles and always buy from someone who can answer all of their questions about the conditions at the kitchen, in regards to their particular allergy.


TasteBudsTM by Bloom Labs

Tastebuds by Bloom Labs

TasteBudsTM products are made exclusively with medicine grown by Bloom. We use only the highest quality parts of our flowers to make our edibles.   Knowing exactly what goes into each and every one of our edibles makes the TastebudsTM line different from all of the other edible manufacturers who buy the waste product from other growers to use in their products.

By using only top quality, fresh, medicinal grade marijuana flowers in TasteBudsTM products Bloom is able to ensure the consistent effect patients demand. Other edible manufacturers do not achieve this consistency in effect due to the unpredictable nature of their medicine supply.

At TasteBudsTM we pay special attention to carefully dosing our products so patients can expect consistent, dependable efficacy from their medication each and every time. Each TasteBudsTM edible product contains visible plant material, a current stated requirement in Arizona to remain compliant.

TasteBudsTM ingredients are all natural and hand crafted in our own sanitary, custom built, state-of-the-art baking facility.  Strict food processing guidelines are followed to ensure a completely sanitary process all the way through manufacturing and packaging.

TasteBudsTM are baked fresh and transported to each dispensary regularly to insure the freshest possible products. TastebudsTM products are unique in that they have each have a strict expiration date, unlike most of the other edible products on the market.

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