Bloom Dispensaries thanks everyone who participated in our Holiday Contest to win one of ten free medical marijuana cards. We appreciate yousharing your very personal stories. Reading through the many struggles endured every day by Bloom patients was an extremely heart wrenching experience. The hundreds and hundreds of entries we received illuminated just how huge a barrier the high cost of medical marijuana cards in Arizona is to patients getting the medicine they need!

Bloom Dispensary Free Medical Marijuana Card winners

Bloom Dispensary is extremely honored to offer our ten lucky winners the opportunity for a healthier, flourishing 2014! However, we did not feel right making this announcement without also taking into consideration those who did not win. We have been working diligently to find a way to also provide opportunities  for the rest of our patients.

We are proud to announce Bloom’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution, Blooming It Forward, a program named by one of our own patients.  Bloom Dispensaries resolves to work tirelessly to help patients gain access to medical marijuana through reducing the cost of cards. The first leg of Blooming It Forward begins in January by Bloom offering patients the opportunity to earn free medical marijuana  card renewals simply by referring friends.

Thank you again, to all those who participated. We hope you enjoy reading our winning contest entries!


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