We loved meeting Zachary & his girlfriend who submitted his entry for him when they came to pick up his certificate to help Zach control his epilepsy by using medical marijuana:

I’d like for my boyfriend to receive a medical marijuana card. He’s had epilepsy since 5th grade, I see his struggle, and the only thing that actually helps with his symptoms is marijuana. We currently can’t afford to get a medical card, so he’s unable to work and support our family.

One reason I believe he deserves a medical marijuana card is because of the illness he has that’s been effecting his life. Also he is unable to get a job without a card to make money for our baby that is on the way.

By getting a medical marijuana card, his life could become as close to normal as anyone else who isn’t diagnosed with epilepsy. He will also be able to get a job to support his family.

We’re excited to have you as a new member of the Bloom family Zach, and to watch your family grow too!

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