Bloom Dispensary F.I. Cannabis Strain

F***ing Incredible (FI) is a pure Indica, created in 1990 by combining two magnificent Indicas.

The unfortunate, distinct nomenclature derives from exclamatory responses by so many patients on their first experience with this potent strain.

FI is strongly recommended for insomnia, as it will leave both novice and experienced patients extremely sleepy. FI eases chronic aches and pains of any severity. It is great for relief from Anxiety, Depression and stress. The appetite stimulating properties of FI make it an appropriate choice for patients suffering from eating disorders, nausea or undergoing chemotherapy.

Even in small doses, FI engulfs the body in a warm cloak of relaxing, tingling numbness that will heavily sedate patients. The cerebral effects free the mind and lift moods and help most patients worry less.

FI is perfect choice for use in the late afternoon or before bed- as it can produce powerful couch-lock.

Patients describe FI’s smooth berry aroma as similar to fruity pebbles. Visually, the buds have a slight purple tint.

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