Jesse is the third winner of our Free Medical Marijuana Card contest.  Bloom wants your next nine years to be much different than your last!

I’d like a card because I’m 26 and had spine surgery at 17 for Sherman’s Cycosis. I have a whole metal spine and rods through my back. So I’ve been on opioids for a long time. I am currently on 160 ml of methadone. I take it because pills gave me stomach ulcers twice, but I would rather be a medical marijuana patient.

I’ve been in chronic pain my whole life and it has affected my life dramatically. I go to sleep in pain and wake up to pain everyday.

If I were a patient I wouldn’t have to go to the methadone clinic everyday. I also wouldn’t have to deal with the nausea and being addicted to methadone.  There are no side affects of marijuana.  I am also an insomniac because of pain and marijuana would help me sleep.

We wish you  many nights of restful sleep with medical marijuana.  Ask our patient consultants which Bloom-grown strains will get you sleeping like a baby again!

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