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Gromulan cannabis strain is an extremely heavy Indica that is unique to Bloom. It is a combination of two popular Indica strains: G13, a pure Indica known for its unique ability to provide full-body pain-relief without physical fatigue; and Romulan- a favorites of patients with a high tolerance looking for full-bodied pain relief that lasts and lasts.

The effects of Gromulan are intense, both physically and cerebrally. It is a psychoactive strain with strong, deep body characteristics to it as well. This is a great medication for relaxation. Many patients report calming lack of concentration when using Gromulan and say it has a narcotic like effect.

Due to the sleepiness induced by Gromulan, it is best for evening use and often recommended for nighttime pain relief, insomnia, Migraines, MS and Muscle Spasms.

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