Katsu’s formal name is Katsu Kush. The Kush portion signifies Katsu’s detailed heritage and the original seeds arriving in California in the early 1970’s from the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Katsu was actually a grower’s online screen name used in marijuana forums.

Katsu is 100% Indica, which makes it a great strain for use at night. Katsu’s effects are primarily experienced in the body, offering great relief for those suffering from any disease or condition that creates physical discomfort, for example: such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Sever and Chronic Pain, and many more. There are high levels of both CBD and THC, found in Katsu, which is where that deep, relaxing feeling in the body comes from.  However, there are also mid to high levels of CBN, which provides the cerebral feeling of tranquility so many describe from Katsu, and why so many patients also choose Katsu to treat their anxious feelings.

Katsu has a very distinct look with small, dense popcorn sized buds in rich shades of green and orange with purple hues throughout.  Another signature trait of Katsu’s look is the frosty white tri-chromes, which contrast so beautifully with the deep tones of the flower.  Katsu’s has a sweet smell, sometimes described as earthy.

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