Here is the entry that won Erica her free medical marijuana card:

Bloom Dispensary - Free  Medical Marijuana Contest Winner Erica suffering from Fibromyalgia

I am a suffering from severe Fibromyalgia along with extreme side effects too. I have been on over 12 different medications and since I have had my Medical Marijuana Card I have eliminated 9 of the meds over 75% of the time. My card is expiring the 18th of this month and without it I fear I will have to be put back on the remaining med’s within a short matter of time. Life is almost bearable with access to this medicine and I don’t want to be doped up on all these pills when something so pure and non-toxic can help me live better.

Erica, Bloom is so glad medical marijuana has made such a difference in your life and we look forward to a long, flourishing relationship!

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