Bloom Dispensary Papaya Cannabis StrainThis Indica Dominant Strain has great healing characteristics. With its pungent aroma, some even describe a cheese smell.

Papaya’s taste is sweet and light flavored with a hint of fruit.

Bright Lime Green in color with fiery orange hairs blanketed with juicy Trichomes.

Patients really love this Euphoric Indica Strain. Papaya is Nirvana’s name for its “mango” strain – an indica-dominated variety with a thick, sweet scent and slightly spicy flavor. While fruity as the plants mature, the cured product’s sweet, full-textured smoke may call to mind a whiskey-flavored pipe tobacco more than a fleshy tropical fruit.

By any name, Papaya offers a complex flavor, along with considerable THC power. Glazed eyes and couch-lock are almost certain to result from smoking this indica-heavy strain. Papaya is good weed for staying at home and getting absorbed into a favorite music selection or an interesting movie. It also is worth investigation for medicinal users seeking a pure and potent indica. Papaya helps patients with a long lasting body sensation which delivers a great healing experience.

Great Strain for nighttime use. 

Flowering 50 – 65 days

Papaya will have a comparatively short flowering time and can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential.

85% Indica The Papaya strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

Genetics = KC33(Thailand x Brazil) x Afghani ) x Afghani

Good For: Stress, headaches, chronic pain, muscles spams and anxiety

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