Proper storage of medical marijuana is critical. Overly dry medication becomes harsh.

Medication that is too damp can cause bacteria to grow and many of these bacteria can cause severe allergic reactions.

Maintaining the proper environment is a delicate balance between too moist and too dry.

Preferred Method

Bloom Dispensary Storage of CannabisJar storage is the preferred method for short and long term medicine storage.

  1. A glass mason (fruit canning) jar with a sealable top is ideal.
  2. Place the medicine inside and seal.
  3. Store the jar in a cool dark place.

Light energy breaks down cannabinoids causing the medicine to lose its potency. It is important to watch for mold. To do this, break medicine under a bright light and look for webbing similar to moldy bread. If present, medicine should be discarded immediately. Mold occurs when medicine is exposed to humidity of 65% and above.

Acceptable Methods

Vacuum sealing is equally effective, but is impractical compared to jar storage.

Plastic bags carry a static charge that can draw precious trichomes from the medicine. Additionally, many plastic bags can leach phthalates (dangerous chemicals carried in plastic bags) into the medicine.

Refrigeration is also an acceptable method, but humidity must be taken into account. Vacuum sealing or jar storage combined with refrigeration is beneficial because it provides light deprivation and humidity protection.

Unacceptable Methods

Storing medicine in the freezer can either trap humidity with the medication or dry it out. The only advantage to freezer storage is mold and fungus cannot grow. The integrity of the medicine is often destroyed in the freezer due to freezer burn or the shock on the medicine from abrupt temperature changes as it freezes and thaws.

Common Issues in Storing Medicine

Oxygen is the enemy of all medicine. Oxygen breaks down cannabinoids. For this reason, it is important to always size the storage container according to the quantity of medication.

Humidity control is the key to preservation. Too little humidity will make the medication harsh and stop it from curing. Too much humidity can foster dangerous mold growth.

Light degrades cannabinoids. Limit exposure to light as much as possible.


Infused Medicine will have different storage guidelines.

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