Referral Discounts

Patient Referral Program


Are you taking advantage?

If not, you (and the people you know) are missing out on free medicine from Bloom!


How does it work? It’s so easy it’s almost silly!

Take a few cards next time you visit us, write your name on the ‘referred by’ section on the back, then give them to qualified patients who have never been to Bloom.

When they bring your card in to collect their new patient special*, you’ll get 10% off your purchase the next time you come to Bloom, plus all of the other Bloom Referral Program benefits! The referral discount cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts.

Refer as many people as you like – you’ll get the 10% discount every time someone brings in one of your cards!

*As of August 1st 2014 all new patients with receive 50% off an eighth ounce of their choice,  as of that date all other new patient promotions will no longer be valid

Our Daily Special: Click Here
Member Rewards: Get 10% Off Next Order
New Patients: Get 50% Off First 1/8oz