Bloom Dispensary Sensi Star Cannabis Strain


Sensi Star is predominantly an Afghani Indica, although there is at least some Sativa in its lineage. Sensi Star has earned her name, taking first place in both the 1999 Highlife and High Times Cannabis Cup competitions for Best Bio Indoor and Best Indica, respectively.

The Indica dominant properties produce a powerful, almost instant effect to the mind, leaving patients feeling significantly medicated. However, the Sativa lineage brings an overall, mental uplifting feeling as the medication sets in.  With Sensi Star, patients can also expect powerful, overall physical effect great for treating pain and relaxing muscles. Unlike other heavy Indica strains, Sensi comes without the bogged down feeling caused by strains such as Grand Daddy Kush Purple or MK Ultra.  It is for this reason many patients with Chronic Pain and conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy prefer this strain.  Due to the complex effects Sensi Star produces, most patients prefer to use this medication in the late afternoon or evenings.

Sensi Star produces compact, resinous buds, that are happiest grown indoors.   Sensi smells and tastes lemony fresh, like a fresh piece of the fruit, picked from the tree.


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