Once again, Bloom Dispensary is featured in an article setting the standard in Arizona for state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. We are proud and grateful to be a part of our communities.

Here’s a few highlights:

“We take a medical approach in the management of our facilities,” said Engelking. “We are a medical facility, we treat patients not customers. We provide education and information in a professional setting.”

She pointed out that they are the only company to partner with Arizona State University Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy which will further the study of medicinal marijuana. The company’s reputation and professionalism has resulted in the state of Nevada partnering with Bloom Dispensaries to help them write their medical marijuana regulations.

The author’s summary:

Make up your own mind but think about this. The number one drug problem in the United States is the abuse of prescription drugs. More Americans, over 20,000 a year have died from an overdose of prescription pain killers (opioids) such as OxyContin than from heroin or cocaine. There has never been one known death by an overdose of cannabis. Some pain killers are simply synthetic heroin with the same properties as the drug including its addictive nature.


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